It has held 16,000 diggers, and is as of now selling over 100MW abundance power age.

Huge cryptomining tasks have into enormous obligation in 2022. Be that as it may, their mining equipment is as yet worth a regal total. A valid example is US-based Stronghold Digital Mining (SDIG), 

which delivered its most recent arrangement of financials recently. One of the most educational perceptions in the budget summary was that SDIG as of late cleared $67.4M in the red by auctioning off 26,200 of its mining rigs.

Auctioning off north of 26,000 mining rigs hasn't left the Stronghold mines, whereupon its future success to a great extent depends, void.

The firm says it has held roughly 16,000 Bitcoin diggers with a hash rate limit of over 1.4 EH/s and complete power draw of 50-55 megawatts.

However losing most of its mining apparatuses to clear an obligation (and 2.5 EH/s of crypto mining power), that's what SDIG figures assuming the economic situations change well it will 

actually want to purchase up additional mining rigs at a sharp cost. actually want to purchase up additional mining rigs at a sharp cost. In short, there are four central point SDIG the board will watch; digital money estimating, influence valuing, and mining rig evaluating and productivity.

Another uplifting news for SDIG is that it has refreshed its funding concurrence with Whitehawk Finance LLC, adding an adaptable additional pool of $20M getting, multiplying the term to three years,

and decreasing close term installments. With the $67M obligation paid off from the offer of mining rigs, Stronghold has $47M liquidity for entrepreneurial venture.